Same presentation, different conferences


This is a thing I regret: sending the same talk to multiple conferences. Why? Because I believe is not fair for the conference and the potential attendees. What if I got elected to more that one conference?

With this in mind, I have to say I sent the “Code for people not for machines” proposal with 2 [UpFront Conf 2017, Øredev 2017], maybe 3 of the 5 applications I sent out last year – I am not sure about Frontend Conf in Zürich.

At this point – beginning of 2017 – I was thinking that I am either not sending enough applications, I am not touching an interesting topic, or I am not formulating the presentation/title in an attractive way. I tend to believe the last one is to blame. I mean, I should not send a million applications, right? If the proposal is well written and is an attractive subject, one application should be enough.

So new year, new opportunities, If i have time to search and think of interesting topics I would like to talk about and, at the same time, be able to share in a comprehensive matter – I don’t want to talk about a topic without being able to answer any questions someone in the audience might have.

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