Tags or the equality thing


I am traveling by tram today. There is a person that misses one eye. I am not sure they were in an accident recently or they just did not have the money for the surgery.

Three chairs later there are 3 gypsy women with colorful skirts. They are eating sunflower seeds  and loudly spitting the husks on the floor.

Next to those there is a woman with a defect on her nose that just makes you look at it.

A bit behind there is a man who believes that the microphone and the speaker are the same because every time he replies to the person he is talking to over the phone he moves the phone from the ear to the mouth

The motorman is drunk (there is a very pregnant alcohol scent coming from his cabin). And a  cheap-jack just boarded..

All of these are tags. Do we set them because we find it amusing? The worst part is that the tagged people know we tagged them and yet they do not say a thing even though they are bothered by it. Maybe because we all do it no matter the tag we bear. Also bad is that even though we are all people and all equal, after so many thousands of years of living on he same planet we don’t seem to have understood the equality thing.

This is sad.

It is sad that we consider other to be inferior. Why would they be? Because they were not lucky enough to have been born in better environment? Maybe we should get more involved with helping other less fortunate people. Maybe we should be more understanding or emphatic. Maybe we should teach them the rules. Yes, that would be hard! But in the end i believe it would be worth it.
But we don’t eve try to find a solution let alone to get involved into applying existing solutions. We complain about not having time, we always find something better to do, we have to work. But what are we working for? For our children – would some say; for am exotic vacation – would others say; for food; for home; for mortgages; for clothes; and so on… But for society? Who work for the society? We all want to live in a better place, but what are we doing about this? What are you doing about this?


Why? Did you raise your shoulders? Now answer this: why do we complain about the existence of people for whom we set tags?

Let’s explain them in a POLITE way they they should not spit and should not spit the husks on the floor. Maybe we should put bins in the transportation vehicles.

Or even better: let’s teach an adult to read. There are a lot of potential pupils, trust m

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