Who gets the credit?


On Twitter, there is a “Like” button. What is it for? if one clicks it, do they show appreciation for the content of what has been tweeted or for the action of having tweeted something?
I believe that it is there for the content and I click it to show I appreciate what has been written.

On Twitter there is also a “Retweet” button. What is it for?
I believe it is used to share tweets that one found interesting and they want to share it with their fellow followers. At least that is how I use it.

Now, what does it mean if you like a retweet? This is how I see it: you like the content that has been retweeted. Right? Good. That means that all attention will go to the re-tweeter and very little to the original? (that is assuming the re-tweeter has a lot more followers that the initial author, of course)
Then what about the initial author of the retweeted tweet? Do they not deserve appreciation for having shared a piece of interesting information? Then instead of “liking” the retweet, why not like the original? you click on the retweet anyway to read it. Or do you? And to quote a famous meme on the internet: “Do you mean to tell me…” that you do not read the content of the retweet? you just like and/or retweet after you only read the title? That is even worse than not crediting the author.

Now, going back to “liking” a retweet, let me put this way:

When you go to a library because you feel like reading something new, but you are not sure which book to pick, one solution would be to ask the librarian to recommend a book, right? The librarian tells you a few words about it, you find it interesting so you take the book and read it.
Now let’s say you like it. Answer these:

  1. Do you tell all your friends only what a wonderful book did the librarian recommended or do you tell them about the book?
  2. Do you tell others about it because the librarian recommended it to another 200 people or because you liked the content of the book?

I am asking this, because when I asked, on Twitter “Why does this retweet get more attention than the original?” I got the answer: “15k followers vs 400k”.

So is it only about the numbers? We are so eager for attention that all we care is to get attention from the one with the higher numbers?


It all started with this tweet:

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