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Computer, what is the nature of the universe?
The universe is a spheroid region, 705 meters in diameter.

This is a quote from a TV Series I dearly enjoy watching again and again – the episode is called “Remember Me”. The answer was most inspiring for me.

The Conferences’ universe is also a  small one. The actual physical space is probably not larger than spheroid region, 705 meters in diameter. Maybe that is why it is so hard to get inside – because it is a small universe and is currently packed with people. So what is the secret to get inside? Wait for others to get out, get them out, force the entry or maybe make the universe bigger?

Sadly I do not know the answer. What I do know is that if I am persistent enough and better myself in the mean time, I will be able o access this small universe or make it a bit bigger.

Some time ago, probably at the of 2017 I sent a proposal to an open call for papers at Frontend NE. To be honest I don’t remember what the subject was, but it was definitely interesting enough to me that I sent a proposal for a presentation. I should have probably kept a record somewhere, in case they said yes, but somehow I assumed the would at least send me a copy of my submission, right? At least the other 2-3 conferences that I applied to in the past did. Well that is that, no harm done.

On January 16th 2018 I received the answer that my proposal was not elected for the conference. All good, except the fact that they used CC instead of BCC for including all the email of the people they rejected. Sounds awful? For me sounded like fun. We immediately started to make fun of it and when some one said we should get “some reject only pint” the idea of having a rejected papers conference struck my head. I said (actually wrote) it out and some of the others agreed. I even tried to buy the domain, but another person was faster than me. As I am a trusting person, and I choose to see the good rather then the bad around me and in other people, for me the idea was more important the owner. We were going to do this together, we even set up a slack channel.

However, I was completely ignored. At least that is how I felt it. Someone else assumed the lead and took everything from there on. So, today – January 31st 2018, was the day I signed out of the Slack channel. I decided I should go on with my idea and have a place of my own to just put all the papers I ever sent as a conference proposals. Maybe others will join me here – there is place for everyone. If I never try I will never know. We have the internet at our finger tips, so let’s use it for what is was created: sharing of information.

This place is not for complaining, but for remembering. For me to remember where I was at some point, to see what and how I changed and what and how I need to change. If it happens that someone else learns from my deeds and makes them a better person, then I have added a piece to the puzzle called the World Wide Web. As I believe that is one of the reasons it was created is information sharing.

I hope I will receive feedback from the conference organizers themselves, but is not required.

With the above in mind I will create a post for each conference proposal (be it rejected or not).

[inline] Styling in React – #ReactEurope

I would begin with a 5 minute refresh on CSS. The next 10-12 minutes will be about how and why to apply inline styles in React. I will share my ups and downs, and what I learned – like sometimes it really is necessary to put the styles inline. I am dedicating part of the

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Code for People not for Machines @Øredev

It was 2017, sometime in spring, probably March. After conducting a few internal workshops and meetups at my current employer, I finally got the courage to send a proposal to a conference. I thought I knew enough and I had the will to share with others what I know.

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Same presentation, different conferences

This is a thing I regret: sending the same talk to multiple conferences. Why? Because I believe is not fair for the conference and the potential attendees. What if I got elected to more that one conference?

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Let’s CSS again! @CSSConf Budapest 2017

About half a year has passed since I last applied to a conference. Now I found a new subject: CSS and what “fancy things” can you do with it so it’s time I found a conference. CSSConf Budapest sounded good at the time. After thinking for a day or two about what should I talk

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