How to make a developer feel unwelcome


It’s December 15th 2017 and I am happily starting a new job that promises a lot.

I arrive at the office around 11am. They usually start at 10, but since here no one really comes in time…

As I said, I arrive around 11am and I go straight to the HR department (because HR is the only contact I have). There I am invited to sit at a desk until the IT guys will bring my laptop because they do not know what my project is going to be nor what team I am part of. I know I am frontend and I will work with Magento2. 2 minutes later the IT guy comes and says:

“Let’s go to the other floor. There’s where you’ll live”.

We arrive at my desk, I see a laptop (with a nasty scratch on the exterior of the lid). It looks kind of old to me, but I think maybe I should not complain from the first 30 minutes. The It guys helps me connect to the wi-fi and hands me and envelope saying: and this is the envelope. He sounded as if I knew what that envelope is. Again, I don’t ask about it, thinking i will figure it out, or maybe it is self explanatory. Then he leaves.

I open the envelope and there are a lot of instructions on how to access the internal net. First thing I do is change the default password I got with the laptop. And I am successful (or at least I think I am for 5 minutes). Although the IT guy said that all the passwords are synchronized, guess what, they are not (and my guess is they weren’t supposed to be). And by changing my mac’s login password I am no longer able to access anything, not even wi-fi. I call for the IT and after more than 30 minutes of trying he ends it with

“let’s ask the other guy”.

The other guy comes and says:

“why did you change the password? I purposefully set an easy one. And it had all the security checks”

I look at him and say nothing. Then he explains that my change did not propagate and be cause I assumed it did and I tried to use it was as if i used the wrong password. So now he has to reset it.

I say “fine” and set a new password.

It is now a little past noon and I am finished with all the instructions from the envelope. I assume that someone (like a line/people manager will come by to tell me more – or at least where the bathroom is), but not. I try to ask the colleague siting across the table from me, but all I get from him is:

you will be told

Pretty encouraging, I would say…

So I use the internal chat to find a familiar name (HR or some sort of office assistant), I tell them I am done with the IT and ask what should i do next. In the meantime I managed to convince the colleague across the table to tell me where is the bathroom and where do I get water.

I finally get in touch with my line manager and she tell me she will stop by my desk  in 10-15 minutes to see how I’m doing. (really? to see how I am doing?)

She drops by and asks:
Her: “So how are you? how can I help”
Me: “You can start bu telling me what to do. I finished the instructions I got from IT and I am on hold now”
Her: “OK. Did someone show you around?”
Me: “No. I managed to find out where the bathroom is and where to get drinking water”
Her: “Good. Here is the coffee machine. And now will will got talk to X, that is him over there”

Does not point to anyone, but expects me to understand which of the 10 people in front of me she is talking about. Since no one looks back at us I smile and look left to right and back; but she stops me when I reach right: “here he is” and stops in front of a desk in the middle of the room.

Mr. X is the frontend lead (inside the company). She asks him for some Magento trainings and all he says is “But we don’t have any”

Her: “Sure we do. Remember you gave some last time?”
Him: “But those are for the certification and are paid”

Discussion ends here.

The mention something about projects and that I will be assigned starting January 8th.

I am then invited to  move my things next to Mr. X. Which I do right after.

He seems like a nice guy and allocated some time to discuss with me and explain how things work (at least in general on the frontend side).

The next week is only documentation reading (general stuff) – which is kind of expected…

Then comes Christmas and almost everyone is away on vacation. In the second week I only worked for 3 days (due to national holidays). But imagine my surprise when In reached the office (in the first of the three days and It was only me and another 4-5 people on the entire floor). Apparently the rest were either in vacation or working from home. Including my future team – but do you think anyone bothered to tell me that? I had to, again, go to HR people and ask (they were the only ones online). I was told to go home and work/keep documenting from home for the next 2 days and we’ll get back at the office in January.

3rd of January: I am back at the office hoping for the best. I arrive in time, but there is no internet connections and no IT guys to tell it to. I use my phone as a hotspot thinking it will be fixed soon. It took them 5 hours to send an email saying he have internet connection problems that are currently being dealt with, but they do not know when will be fixed so we might as well go and work from home for the rest of the day. I wait for my team lead (the same guy standing across the table from me in the first day) and ask if it would be alright to go home. He said yes and off I went.

Today, in the second (working) day of the year, I had to force myself into a project related discussion otherwise the other two team members would have discussed and decided without me ever knowing – 2 backends discussing wire-frames.

So, my dear employer, do you believe I feel welcomed to your team? Do you think I am happy or am I looking for a different job? How long do you think it will pass until I leave the company?


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